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The arts have long provided emotional context for the human experience. Now, research is demonstrating that creative expression also contributes to better health and wellbeing. People from all walks of life and every corner of the planet are expressing themselves through the arts—musical, performance, visual, writing, culinary—and discovering how it reduces the physical and emotional burden associated with various types of health conditions and life circumstances.  Join us, along with those in healthcare and the arts, as we find out how, why, and when this important transformation occurs in order help all who might benefit.  Together, we can make Art powerful Medicine.

The Therapeutic Power of Creative Expression through Paper

"The Paper and Packaging - How Life Unfolds™ campaign recognizes the ways letter writing can bring people together," said Mary Anne Hansan, Paper and Packaging Board executive director. "These survivors choose peace every day and choose to see the world in a positive...

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Michelle Obama on the Power of the Arts

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama share her thoughts on the power of the arts. It was submitted as part of the the National Endowment for the Arts 50th anniversary Tell Us Your Art Story series. You’ll hear how, as a child, when she was feeling anxious, bored, or lonely she would “write, and write, and write…”

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Center Stage: Creative Expression in Military Health

Center Stage: Creative Expression in Military Health Jeremy Nobel MD, MPH, Founder and President of the Foundation for Art & Healing, served as a presenter at the 2016 conference for the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) in Boston.  For nearly 60 years, Americans for...

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The UnLoneliness Project Launch Event

The UnLoneliness Project Launches with Good Cheer! The Foundation for Art & Healing (FAH) is celebrating the launch of The UnLoneliness Project, its signature initiative designed to address the loneliness epidemic.  A growing body of research shows that in...

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Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, Founder and President of The Foundation for Art & Healing, joins host Janeane Bernstein on KUCI 88.9fm

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Action— Think of one personality trait that describes you. Now choose a shape that best goes with your personality trait: circle, oval, square, rectangle or triangle. Draw your shape on a piece of paper.

Observation— Look at your shape. Why did you choose this shape? How does this shape fit with the personality trait you chose?

Create— Create a character based on your personality trait using only your chosen shape. Vary the size and angle of the shape. Consider using the shape to create a pattern.

Reflect— Look at your character. Do you relate to this character? What would your character’s name be?

Articulate— Post a photo of your character along with it’s name, how you relate to the character and any other comments.

Why It Matters: Self-awareness can improve our judgment and help us identify opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Fun Fact: Well known for her large oval shaped head, cartoon character Betty Boop was originally a dog. Woof.
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