Personal Stories

Nancy Introduces MS Patients to the World of Watercolor

Looking back, Nancy Foster wonders whether her decision as a young woman to pursue a dual major in visual art and art therapy at the College of New Jersey was a premonition. “My father wanted me to be a nurse, but somehow or another we are guided to what we should do...

Jason’s Story, Breaking Barriers to PTSD Treatment

One-in-five, or some 440,000 of the 2.2 million Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans – a population equivalent to that of Oklahoma City or Denver — may have left the war zone, but in many ways, they are still fighting the battle here on the home front. For combat...

Helen’s Story: Artist, Caregiver

Using Creativity to Deal with Impact of Alzheimer’s It’s a question Helen Meyrowitz heard often when she was the primary caregiver for her husband who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, “How is your husband doing?” “People often ask about the person with the...

Victor Strecher, Living a More Focused Life

When Vic Strecher’s daughter died at age nineteen, he admits he lost his own purpose in life but says, through the experience, he was also ‘broken open.’ “She was a heart transplant recipient and when she was nineteen, she passed away.” Born healthy but, when about...

Leyla Acka, The Van Art Project

The Van Art Project arose from the devastating October, 2011 earthquake in the Van area of Turkey. It is a volunteer-based effort designed to use creative expression to address the psychological needs of women and children in the earthquake’s aftermath.

Greg’s Story

Every night before going to sleep, 20-year old Greg Weintraub takes a look at five photos hanging on the wall above his bed. They remind him that there’s more to life than remembering to take your medication.

Jason’s Story

For Jason Moon, coming back to music was as much a homecoming as returning from Iraq was—and it ended up being the one piece of home that could set him on the road to healing. “Songwriting became a way to put my emotions somewhere else so they wouldn’t live inside me,” he explains.

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