Theater 1:
Older Adults and Caregivers

The stories that unfold through the aging process and how family and friends make real connections along the journey.

Junk Mail. An elderly woman loves her weekdays at her local senior center. But the weekends are so devastatingly lonely by comparison, that she finds herself killing time until Monday by shredding her junk mail until those who are about her are alerted. Director: Charles Frank

Let The Band Play On. A caregiver gratefully observes his wife’s happiness at the nursing home he reluctantly placed her in due to her dementia; there she and other families join in the dance of going on and appreciating what they can share. Director: Naomi Boak

The Caretaker. A portrait of an undocumented Fijian immigrant who cares for an elderly Japanese-American woman who had been interned in her youth. Director: Theo Rigby

Three-Legged Stool. A new arrival to the retirement community feels alone and uprooted until she observes a love story unfolding before her eyes. Produced, written and performed by residents of the Motion Picture Television Fund retirement community in Los Angeles. Director/Writer/Producer: Douglas Wood, Anthony Lawrence, Jennifer Clymer  

Project SING: A work-in-progress about an inspiring group of older adults in DC’s Fort Lincoln neighborhood working to create community and decrease the isolation they and their peers’ experience.  Director: Brandon Kramer

The Superheroes of Bayview. A group of older adults manifests core strengths (“superpowers”) to overcome loneliness in this peppy, comic-book ode to positive, persistent adventure, age be damned. Director: Scott Jackman

Drawings for My Grandchildren.  Ji Lee’s Korean family moved to Brazil, where his father eventually became a devoted grandfather to Ji’s sister’s children there. But when Ji’s sister and her family returned to Korea, Ji saw his grandfather’s grow lonely and sad. Until, he came up with a plan to reconnect the family, using the internet and the power of  art. Director:  Ji Lee

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