Selected Film:

A Life with Asperger's

Selected Film:

A Life with Asperger's

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About the Filmmaker

Jaime Ekkens has worked for some of the biggest names in television and media in New York including Yahoo!, Hearst, CBS News, Nickelodeon, Refinery 29, ABC and NBC Sports. Having received a BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2007, she moved to New York City and successfully pursued her MFA in Computer Arts at The School of Visual Arts. Her independent short films have been screened in international film festivals all over the globe and won numerous awards both in New York, Los Angeles and abroad.

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Creative Arts exercises:

  • Draw the parts of yourself that make you different from the rest
  • The narrator discusses how he wishes he had been better dealing with or acknowledging his differences from others. What do you perceive are your big differences from others and do you think of these differences as positive or negative or somewhere in between?
  • Draw a large self-portrait, while thinking about your differences and similarities with others. Share the drawing and the discussion of differences with a friend or loved one.

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  1. Anonymous

    Helpful and so creative!

  2. wordsmith553

    Beautiful and important. His descriptions of his experience are central to understanding those on either side of a diagnosis. It’s a big endeavor to make memorable the experiences of people who are not like oneself.

  3. julia

    I liked the way he described his difficulties. He was aware of how he was different, and learnt to accept it. Was impressed with his fortitude, in his uncertain world.

    • Anonymous

      Very thought provoking

  4. Christine

    I love it. Thank you. The visuals explain so much better than words. What the artist has to say is honest, though not negative. (There’s too much negativity everywhere about Asperger’s.) Going to show my Aspie son who also loves to draw. I’m not going to blow smoke up his ass and tell him life gets so much easier, but I am trying to encourage accepting and dealing with who you are, which is what this artist is doing.

  5. Anonymous

    I have a friend that has 3 sons with Asperbergers. I now better understand that I asked them way too many questions. I also understand why I had to ask the questions more then once and in doing so, probably caused stress!!

  6. Melissa A Martin

    Thank you for sharing this. I only wish it were longer! I will send it to my sister for my nephew who I think had aspergers. I felt his loneliness and his fortitude. I’m glad he could share his experience with us.

  7. Joy

    I loved it! Showing the young boy and grown man with bubbles was very effective in helping me better understand Aspergers Syndrome. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous

    He is a very insightful person!

  9. Anonymous

    I appreciated hearing the story from someone who lives with Asperger’s. My friend and his son live with Asperger’s. This film helped my understand how they experience themselves in relation to others. The scuba mask and bubbles were very effective visuals and sounds.

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your story. Really helpful to hear about your experience as all of our journey’s are unique and different.

  11. Denise

    This is something I’m interested in. It has to be very lonely and frustrating to be locked inside yourself.

  12. Joseph Steinhoff

    I need to learn to be patient with other people, it reminds me that I always have to be nice to people because you don’t know what they are going through.

  13. Anonymous

    Great insight on how it must feel to have Aspergers. If awareness could be better maybe our society would be more excepting of this.

  14. Del

    I liked his perspective in talking about this as I knew little about the topic. I would like to learn more.

  15. Maria

    I thought the comparison to diving was really interesting, as communicating while diving can be difficult. I really thought he did a good job sharing his communication difficulties and he has a very positive outlook!

  16. Denise

    This short film defiantly kept me engaged. It’s nice to see the life of someone with Asperger’s living a normal life by himself.

  17. Anonymous

    This highlights the importance of discussing kindness even at a young age. Perhaps discussing a medical diagnosis with children isn’t always appropriate but ensuring our children understand that our differences aren’t laughable is a good start.

  18. Anonymous

    This was a great description of Aspergers, and the combination of personal experience with the visuals helped illustrate what the reality of living with the condition is like beyond the stigma of being labeled “different.” People are often much deeper and richer than the labels we assign them, we just need to give them time to reveal themselves rather than expecting everyone to be exactly the same.

  19. Anonymous

    A clear message of learning to accept your difference and to embrace the difference with acceptance. Tender and heartfelt.

  20. Anonymous

    My son has this diagnosis and it is helpful to hear about it thru someone who has been thru it. It helped to have another perspective.

  21. Anonymous

    great reminder we are all dealing with something. never judge someone by a disability of what they can or can’t do.

  22. Alki

    We are all different.Some are good in area of life and some in an other.We are never perfect in everything.

  23. Vicki

    I needed this film today. It helps me understand Aspergers in a whole new light. Thanks to this courages man for sharing his story.

  24. Andrew Sherwood

    Thank you for this film. I have a young friend with aspergers and he is also managing it well. God bless.


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