Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film
from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

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Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


A portrait of a young woman who wants to have it all. Understanding the career importance of an online presence in this hyper-connected moment, the demands of maintaining a perfect image on social media remove her from living a true social life.   

About the filmmaker:

Kerith Lemon is an American writer, director, and creator with rich experience in multi-platform storytelling and creative narratives.  Lemon has worked as a programming and production executive at CBS Radio, Nickelodeon and MTV Games and most recently the OWN Network, where, as Vice President of Digital Video, she created and directed a full slate of original digital series for the networks digital platforms.


Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Question:

  • How did you feel watching this film? Could you relate to Meredith’s obsession? And/or her isolation?
  • What could be some of the reasons why Meredith is avoiding her friends and family? Can you understand her reluctance to connect in person? In what ways can social media affect how we feel about ourselves?
  • What is the first thing that you typically think of, or reach for, when you wake up? If your smartphone is not the first thing, where does it fall on the list?


  • Stop taking photos and draw your posts! Pick a scene or event from your day that you were proud of or were grateful for and draw or paint the scene with the materials of your choice. Scale doesn’t matter and it can be as simple as a pencil sketch, but strive for the image to be clear and the feeling to be evocative. Take a picture of the drawing and post to your social media network with or without a caption.
  • Write the user’s manual for how to control one’s use of social media. Develop real strategies that you could use. Examples: On Mondays and Tuesdays, post only questions or polls so you get a chance to hear and learn from your friends. Be sure to also include fun strategies for still connecting with friends off-line. On Thursdays, only post invitations for group activities on the weekend, such as “Headed to park on Saturday, who wants to join me?” When completed, post the user’s manual to your social network.
  • A2. Put together a prose poem based on the captions from your social media feed from the past month or two. Re-order the captions as you see fit, but leave the captions as they were written. What do you think of the finished piece? What does it say about you and your interests? With this new insight, add an additional stanza or two that puts the captions in context and addresses your moment of reflection.

PS: Looking for even more ways to "creatively connect?"  Follow this link for a few other ideas.

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.

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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

Because it really helps with awareness for The UnLonely Project 🙂


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