Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


A portrait of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station agent William Cromartie who greets 4,000 Oakland commuters every day with a hug, a fist-bump, or a handshake. Transcending barriers so that we can better know and care about each other, this man of accomplishment and a winning philosophy feels he has the best job in the world.

About the Filmmaker

Ivan Cash is Bay Area-based award-winning interactive artist and film director exploring the intersection of art, design, film, and technology. His work sparks cultural conversations, celebrates human connection, and inspires strangers to interact.



Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Questions:

  • Is there someone in your day-to-day life that always has a smile or a greeting for you? Who do you respond warmly to whenever you see them?
  • Are there situations where you put yourself in a box/or in a corner and separate yourself from others? Why do those situations make you feel separate and what could make you feel more connected?
  • What attributes do you think BART identified as essential when they were originally posting for such a competitive position? Which of these attributes do you think you already have and which do you wish you had?


  • Write a letter of appreciation to a person who has a regular positive impact on your life. Whether it is your doorman, a neighbor, a local business owner, or someone else, write a letter, sign your name, and share your appreciation for the connection they make you feel in your life.
  • Create a diorama to represent a time when you felt “in a box.” Take an actual cardboard box or shoebox (or any other box you have on hand), and find a photograph of yourself or others that connect to that time in your life, and use them to wallpaper and decorate the box. If you don’t have any photos, you can draw an image and use that. You can also include small personal mementos from the time that will help to place you historically.
  • Do an experiment while you are walking around your neighborhood, or riding a bus or subway, by trying to go out of your way to say something friendly to the people who cross your path—it could be someone in a local store, or a bus driver, or a crossing guard. If you have positive back and forth exchanges, write the text (or gist) of those exchanges on a piece of paper and place that paper somewhere that you will see it every day, like on a refrigerator or mirror.

Our Try This page has even more creative expression inspiration!

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.


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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

Because it really helps with awareness for The UnLonely Project 🙂


Step 5: Discover other films that may interest you.


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