Thanks so much for joining us on this ride to test our smartphone app!  As promised, you’re likely to find a few bumps and potholes along the way, but we’re sure you understand.  If there’s one word to keep in mind through the test, it’s this: Patience.

We’ll be sending periodic surveys out over the next few weeks as we roll the app through its paces, but we also wanted to give you a Team page to share any “real time” experiences you would care to share with us and your fellow Alph Teammates. We’ll keep an eye on the conversation to see if there are any trending issues developing that we might be able to correct midstream.

Simply leave your comments below and we’ll all take a look 🙂  Again, thanks for your curiosity, creativity, and perseverance!


  1. murphy

    Welcome to the Alpha Test Team discussion thread!

  2. Anthony Brown

    Howdy there team folks!
    I’m loving the app, however consider making the comments section a area that expands with input data, and allow one to edit post once published. This will enable typing corrections to replacing missing words, and mis-spellings.

    • murphy

      Thanks for input!

  3. Agie

    I can’t access “challenge” posts from this morning. When I click on today’s challenge I get yesterday’s result only. And the top button indicates “2 done”

    • murphy

      Are you using the smartphone app? You mention “clicking on today’s challenge,” but typically in the app you are dropped right into that day’s challenge. If you continue having trouble, click on the “hamburger” icon in the upper left corner of the app, then select Support to see how the MeYou Health team can help.


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