Creatively Connected Daily Challenge
Enrollment and App Install

Step 1: Set Up You MeYou Health Account
For this step only, it’s best if you view this webpage from your computer and use your desktop browser.
Click the link below to enroll in the Creatively Connected Daily Challenge. You’ll be taken to the MeYouHealth website, our partner we’re working with to produce and deliver the experience. Once there, follow the instructions to set up your account.

Enrollment Screen Shots








NOTE: Remember, shhhhhh.  This is a private invitation to participate and meant only for you.  Please do not share this email or link with anyone else.
Step 2: Download the Smartphone App

From this point on, it will be easiest if you open this webpage on your smartphone.

As part of the Alpha Test, please participate in the 28-day experience by only using your iPhone or Android phone.  Open the following links from your smartphone.  



NOTE: For iPhone users, make sure you accept “push” notifications when you’re installing the app (this should happen automatically for Android users). We’ll be sending you an alert every morning at 7am prompting you to complete that day’s Daily Challenge. If you need to set up push notifications manually, follow these instructions.

Step 3: Log into the Smartphone App

Using the email address and password you set up in Step 1, log into the smartphone app. 


Important: Make sure you use the “Sign in with MeYou Health” button!


Sign in with the email and password you set up in Step 1 on the website.  Do not use the Facebook option.


You should then be taken directly to the Creatively Connected Daily Challenge for that day.  Look for “Creatively Connected” at the top of the screen.


Click on the “Why it matters” link to reveal instructions and other information about the challenge.  Now it’s time to get started 🙂 Complete the Challenge for that day!  We’ll notify you tomorrow morning to open the next Challenge.



Check out and comment on your Alpha Teammates’ activity by clicking on Activity Stream.



Step 4: Have Fun!

Once you’ve got everything set up, fingers crossed that things will flow pretty smoothly over the 28 days 🙂  Beyond the “mechanics” of the technology, we’re also eager to see what you think about the actual “creative expression” experience.  

Sporadically during the Alpha Test we’ll send you a quick survey to collect your thoughts as you go through the process. It should only take a minute or two to complete.

Again, thanks so much for joining us on this 28-day ride!  We’re eager to hear what you think.  

PS- If you have any trouble with the enrollment process or Daily Challenge app, please contact Support through the app. Just click on the “hamburger” icon in the top left corner of the app to reveal the Support tab…


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