Selected Film:

Babe, I Hate to Go

Selected Film:

Babe, I Hate to Go

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About the Filmmaker

Marked by their intimacy, Andrew Moir’s documentaries take audiences inside seminal moments of his subjects’ lives. He typically works with small crews and builds close relationships with the people featured in his work. His short documentaries include Uprooted (Hot Docs 2011) and the award-winning Just As I Remember (Hot Docs 2013), which was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Short Documentary and won the Toronto Film Critics Association’s Student Prize. Babe, I Hate To Go (2017) is about a Jamaican migrant worker faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Festival screenings include Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, DOC NYC, and a Canadian Screen Award Nomination. His latest film is Take Me To Prom, which screens at Hot Docs and AFI DOCS in 2019. He is currently editing his first feature.

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Create a secrets jar.

Like the main character in this film, many of us hold onto secrets that keep us distant from those who love us.

  • Take a piece of paper and cut or tear it into smaller strips.
  • On the strips of paper write down some personal secrets that you’ve been holding onto and put them into a jar.  
  • When you have a few free moments, sit with the jar and take out the secrets.
  • Is there one you could share with another person that might make you feel better or lighter? If so, consider calling that person or trying to see them if they live or work nearby.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want to know the rest of the story! I liked it. It was sad but he said a lot of true statements.

  2. Susan

    Beautiful. The scene with his wife was incredible. A decent man.


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