Selected Film:

Beneath the Ink

Selected Film:

Beneath the Ink

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About the Filmmaker

Cy has been in the storytelling business for over two decades and BENEATH THE INK is his third film in five years. It has screened in 40 festivals worldwide and has won 20 festival awards to date as well as qualifying for the 2019 Academy Awards. BENEATH THE INK was shot in Dodson’s hometown of Zanesville, Ohio. In September of 2017, he noticed a news article circling on social media featuring Billy Joe White and his Red Rose Tattoo Studio. They were covering up hate and racist tattoos for free, announcing to their community to “bring in their mistakes”. Cy contacted Billy about the possibility of making a documentary on his mission and over the course of a weekend; they filmed what would become BENEATH THE INK. Cy currently resides in Minnesota as Owner/Operator of his production company Triumph Pictures, LLC where he specializes in documentary production and marketing content.

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Create your very own symbol of harmony and peace.

  • Doodle with a black pen on white paper while thinking about the people that you love and respect the most and the communities where you’ve felt welcomed and appreciated. The idea is to occupy your mind with these memories while allowing your hand to move freely with the pen around the page.
  • Now start a new page of doodling while listening to some soothing and inspiring music.
  • Once you have two pages of doodling, pay attention to the shapes and lines that you have drawn. Is there a portion or section within your drawings that you find particularly appealing? Try to redraw and isolate a pleasing design.
  • Once you have found your design, draw it on yourself as a temporary tattoo or post on a wall where you can see it regularly.

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