Selected Film:

Best Friend

Selected Film:

Best Friend

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About the Filmmaker

Nicholas Olivieri is a character designer and visual development artist from Italy. He attended Bigrock Institute, a master in computer graphic in Italy. After graduation, He worked for 2 years as a concept artist and texture artist for an independent videogame called Voodoo.

Yi Shen is a storyboard artist and character designer from China. After 4 years of fine arts study at the Fine Arts School affiliated with the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, he went to the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy to study 2D animation and live action. He also worked as an art director and storyboard artist for BBC 2018 Winter Olympics campaign at Nexus Studios.

Juliana De Lucca is a 2D and 3D animator with a degree in game design. She also attended an animation school in Sao Paulo for another 2 years before joining GOBELINS Masters. She worked as a freelance storyboard artist and 3D animator for 3 years including an internship in Paris. Varun Nair: Varun Nair is a Character designer and Visual Development Artist from India. He did his Masters in Supinfocom India before coming to Gobelins. He also has 2 years working experience as a concept artist including a summer Internship at Blue Sky Studios.

David Feliu is from the sunny and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. He is an award-winning illustrator and animator who grasped the basics in a modest school. After learning animation and motion design for three years, he took off to London where he refined his skills. Working as an art director and animator, he collaborated with studios such as Nexus and Device.

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Create the antidote by writing your recipe for a healthy friendship.

  • What are the primary ingredients for friendship for you? Is it a shared outlook or background or sense of humor?
  • Just like a recipe, try to be specific about the amounts of each ingredient. How many times per month would you like to spend time with a close friend? How much communication would you like in between? If you have online friends, create an ideal recipe for that scenario as well.
  • Once you have completed your recipe or recipes, dare to share. Send to your friends to collect input and/or post online to your online community. If you’d rather not share with others, then post on a wall or bulletin board to encourage continued consideration.    

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope the world really never ends up like this. Good graphics.


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