Celebrating Caregivers Month in Augusta


Caregiving is very difficult work, work that can be physically grueling and emotionally grinding. It often results in isolation and loneliness for the caregiver who, over time, increasingly withdraws from activities in order to care for a loved one.

Here at the Foundation, we recognize loneliness and isolation as a critical public health concern, particularly for older adults and their caregivers. We’ve developed a number of programs that harness the power of creative expression to reduce the burden of loneliness for those most significantly affected.  

The goal of The UnLonely Project is to promote and accelerate individual and community connections through activities that initiate engagement.  Research has shown that creatively connecting people–in person and then online, can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness while providing an opportunity to have fun–the health benefits of which are quite important.  

In November 2017 we were in Augusta working with AARP Georgia in support of their commitment to caregivers. We had a terrific turnout and all discovered the power of  “creatively connecting” in celebration of Caregivers Month!



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