The UnLoneliness Project Launch Event

May 17 Event Event information to be posted here. The UnLonely Project> Explore the Project > Background & Rationale > Interactive FilmFest > Sponsors & Friends > Advisors & Contributors > Feature Stories > Videos > Media Center On the Radio! Listen...

Michelle Obama on the Power of the Arts

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama share her thoughts on the power of the arts. It was submitted as part of the the National Endowment for the Arts 50th anniversary Tell Us Your Art Story series. You’ll hear how, as a child, when she was feeling anxious, bored, or lonely she would “write, and write, and write…”

Snowflake Window Quilt

(Great to make with kids, particularly if on isolation in a hospital room.)  No two snowflakes are the same. No two humans are the same. Snowflakes come together to connect and create a moment (or several) of stillness. So, too, can humans.  Materials needed: Paper...

Card Connections

Loneliness can happen when you don’t think you belong to a particular group, even your own family with whom you might be spending the holidays. One thing you can do to combat the feeling of disconnection is to acknowledge an attribute, virtue or strength that...

UnLonely for the Holidays

Decorations lift spirits in many ways, as does nature. This exercise explores marrying both spirit boosters to create a gift that keeps on giving.  Materials needed: Pinecones Spray paint (as many colors as you’d like to use) Garbage bag Gift tags (or small...

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