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David Call has been a staple of the American indie film scene for the last decade, acting in films such as TINY FURNITURE, JAMES WHITE, GABRIEL, THE GIRL IN THE BOOK, TWO GATES OF SLEEP, and many others, including Larry Fessenden’s upcoming DEPRAVED. He has also been on many TV series, most recently THE SINNER, THE BLACKLIST, THE GOOD FIGHT, THE MAGICIANS & many more. David recently wrote, directed & starred in a short film, COLE, which won the Hammer-to-Nail Spring ’18 Short Film Contest and played many festivals, including Indie Memphis, Sidewalk, Maryland, Dallas and Eastern Oregon, where it received the Audience Award for Best Short. It also received the No Budge Award for Best Performance, was recently selected for Short of the Week and is a Vimeo Staff Pick. He will be directing his first feature, DOWNSTREAM, in 2020. David was born and raised in the mountains of Washington State and is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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Sketch the vista that brings you comfort and solace

  • In the film, we get the sense that in spite of all of Cole’s struggles and the difficult road ahead, that his morning run is a place where he can focus, prepare, and plan ahead. Do you have a place where you associate a similar sense of calm and purpose? Describe in words the elements that you see and feel, and sketch the actual scene and scenery with as much detail as you can. What is your experience recreating this special place in two different ways?

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  1. Lynne

    Wow, What An amazing story of triumph, This story is very reflective of what out military goes through when trying to transition back into regular society his hardships, his continual training of his speech while staying fit so that he is prepared for opportunity only to not be given a chance was heartbreaking, but still he continued to fight just like in a war, His determination was not only honorable but inspiring, and having the support of family and friends is crucial to our military coming back, the fact that his significant other was soo supportive was beautiful & heartwarming, & at the end he didn’t want to let her down or worry her, when he didn’t get the position.

    • Élise

      How brave and courageous is this man! His wife is equally as brave and courageous. This film needs to be seen by everyone so that we have an inkling if what our troops come home with and the need for us to come up to the plate to help and support them during reentry. Lots of hugs and kudos to both of them as they work on re establishing their relationship as well as becoming parents.

  2. Catherine

    This film left me feeling unsettled and sad while watching it. It was hard to watch. I deeply appreciate the depth and sensitivity of its creation. Thank you.

  3. Michelle

    so many times people cannot actually understand what you are going through, even though they love and care about you.
    I find it inspiring how they both keep going, and heartbreaking at the same time.

  4. vicki bowser

    Wow! I knew it was hard for military persons to come back and be part of society, but this film brings it to reality. This film has opened my eyes to understanding the reality of how society looks at individuals. Very well done.

  5. Anonymous

    enlightening film and makes me appreciate service given for us all

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve heard that it is hard for a soldier when he/she returns home. This film gave me a small glimpse into their world, and helped put it into perspective for me. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous

    This film left me sad. It also reminded me that each person walks their own path, comprised of highs and lows, and fights their own battle each day. Being more empathetic and kind to others could go a long way.

  8. Saoudy A. Saoudy

    The challenge a retired soldier faces when looking for a job while he is suffering an injury. The army should help them get integrated into the work force.

  9. Del

    Powerful film. I was listening for his every next word. I can’t but wonder his feeling of loneliness in that struggle. My heart goes out to him and so many others like him especially those that sacrificed himself as he did for our continued freedom. I still would hope we live in a country where he would be hired into a job where maybe with a little creativity he would do very well. Maybe I am naive in believing this or maybe I am right where I need to be to keep hope alive.

  10. Anonymous

    This is a very touching film. I have many vets in my family. I hope this film has many views.

  11. Anonymous

    Excellent depiction of TBI and the challenges it presents getting or maintaining a job, particularly for our Vets who purposely risk their lives for our country, then face difficult challenges when they return…

  12. Anonymous

    vets should always have jobs waiting for them they shouldn’t have to fight for one.

  13. Mary F.

    That was a very powerful depiction of what strength and courage it takes to transition back into society after having served one’s country. You could just feel his pain while watching this video.

  14. Selwyn Garraway

    This film was very moving for the insight it reveals to us about the difficulties white male veterans with impairments, in this case a brain injury face when reentering society. I can feel the crippling anxiety and worry that the character experiences when called upon to articulate why he’s the ideal candidate for a position. In this case the actor, a middle class white male who has a loving, patient and understanding wife and what appears to be decent home and car tell us that there are still many structural things in his life that give the impression that things are not all that bad. Outwardly they did not fall through the cracks. Even though he is in turmoil internally, he puts on a tie and suit, shaves, forces a smile and appears normal on the outside. That is in stark contrast to what people of color experience, especially men of color in a similar situation. No matter what outward exterior disguises you apply to hide your anxieties and appear confident and together, you enter these corporate situations already knowing that your skin color makes you immediately different, an outsider. It is the worst barrier to have to over come as you realise that to begin, nothing in your qualifications will matter in the interview. You also have to convince the interviewer that in spite of your color, there are things in your background and lifestyle that are equal or better than the interviewer’s background and qualifications. You walk a fine line not to appear too confident and “over qualified.” You learn to ignore that interpretation and move on.


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