Selected Film:

David's Voice

Selected Film:

David's Voice

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Graham Hill (Director, Producer) Based in Oakland, CA, Graham Hill is an award-winning creative director, director, and designer working primarily in experiential design. Raised in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, he holds a degree in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts. Chad Carbone (Editor, Producer) has lived and worked in NYC in advertising and independent film in both production and editing capacities for the past decade. He is a graduate of the Film and Animation program at Rochester Institute of Technology and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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Use your own voice to sing the praises of someone who has supported and helped you.

  • In spite of the personal trauma he experienced in his early life, David has been able to pursue his musical talent and passion through the loving support of his mother. Who helped to support you? Write a letter or a quick postcard to that person to acknowledge their support and express your appreciation.

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  1. P.A. Wray

    Wonderful film and project. I was a physical therapist who for 20+ years, was devoted to helping others in healing their broken bodies. I’ve now spent 20 more years trying to use the arts to heal other types of brokenness in everyday folks, communities and our American society. Lonely is a major symptom of brokenness that needs healing. I applaud your efforts and am happy to share.

  2. John Frey MD

    A really wonderful film and brave as well. A supportive community makes all the difference. Thanks to David for this.

  3. Kyrstin Kempf

    Hello, is it possible to get captioning for these videos? It’s not accessible to those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, English as second language learners, and those with learning disabilities. These populations are even more susceptible to depression and isolation, so I would think including these individuals would be a priority. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    • Michelle Carroll

      excellent idea. just to make it easier to catch every word too!

  4. Meri Walker

    Chills running up and down my spine from beginning to end. On my way to vote for your beautiful film!

  5. Janelle Roker

    Love the story. Such a beautiful voice, such a creative mind, such a deep sense of finding purpose. Thank you for sharing the story.

  6. Vicki Bowser

    This man has so much talent! His singing is wonderful and he knows how to tell a story. Hopefully he will find a way to get over his anxiety and share his talent with the world.

  7. Anonymous

    Such a creative man with a wonderful singing voice. Following his dreams to do what he loves for him and other to enjoy.

  8. Del

    A very talented young man who is in search of his whole purpose in life. Moving through life with his magnificent voice and unique talent with working his mini-stages as he does obviously has brought him some clarity but I think that missing piece is yet to arrive. Wonderful short fill to watch.

  9. Anonymous

    Such a talented soul, and such a battle to find his place in our society. Hope that as time continues, he will find a way to share his talent to others and feel success in his adventures.

  10. Ka

    what a great short film

  11. Fran Cherlow

    I am a psychotherapist who uses collage to facilitate finding one’s many parts..What he does reminds me of Sand Therapy. I kept thinking of children…of hospitals and schools where kids are aware of difference, of illness, of their ‘issues’ which really means, they are able to heal from being only mainstream. The film is lovely and well made. Thank you.

  12. Carmen

    The films I’ve watched are wonderful. I’ve enjoyed them all. But I don’t understand what they do to help people who are lonely? And what are the demographics of those who are watching? Are you reaching white middle/upper middle class? i don’t know how watching videos will help people who are isolated make meaningful relationships which is the key to reducing loneliness.

    • Natalie Gee

      Hi Carmen, thanks for checking out our films, it’s great to know you enjoyed them. Here at the Foundation for Art and Healing we believe powerful filmmaking can help make people feel less lonely by seeing others have similar experiences to those of their own. The films here on our website are also used in our nonprofit educational workshops attended by various people, including caregivers, older adults, college kids, minorities and people in the workplace who maybe suffering from a form of loneliness. We hope people may feel less disconnected by seeing that they aren’t the only ones who feel lonely, or are challenged. We found the films have inspired some to become curious about connecting and go in search of those opportunities in their communities. Thanks for taking the time to watch, Natalie.


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