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Dial-A-Ride directors George Cowie and Tom Huntingford have been making films together for eight years under the banner of their London-based production company Superfolk Films – a mix of digital content, independent documentaries, and co-productions. As a creative partnership, George and Tom have a track record of dealing with sensitive issues and contributors, access-driven stories and investigative documentaries, producing entertaining, thought-provoking, human-focussed films around the world. G&T recently released their 30-minute documentary Someone Else’s War with The Guardian online. It tells the story of the young Brits who battled ISIS on the frontlines, and their dads’ journeys to Syria to find out what they died for. A very different subject matter to Dial-A-Ride! For more of their films and contact information visit www.superfolkfilms.com

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Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Capture the stories of an older loved one or community member

  • Following the advice of the driver in the film—that some of the [older people] have such a terrific memory that ‘they should be made to write their stories down because these stories are going to disappear’—reach out to an older person you know to ask them if you could interview them about their life and experiences.
  • Once you’ve received permission for an interview and have set a date, draft 5-10 open-ended questions to elicit storytelling about their life. You can use questions that were used in the film, such as:  “What do you think the secret is to growing old gracefully and happily?” Or more specific questions based on what you know about their personal story. Consider sharing the questions in advance so they can think of stories to share and feel more comfortable during the interview. Use a voice recording app on your phone or capture the whole interview by video.  

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  1. Lauralee Leonard

    fantastic! the man talking to his wife via the medium is breathtaking. thank you so very much for this film. it’s an inspiration for sure.

    • Michelle Sawyer Carroll

      agreed. It brought tears to his eyes and mind

    • Judy Mcloughlin

      I loved this movie and have watched it now at least 5 times…it is well done about a topic of inter generational caring..bus driver to senior bus rider to life situations and great attitude of everyone…

    • Anonymous

      inspirational that the younger woman felt safe and comfort among others to be able to get out of her house and move forward.

  2. Charmaigne Steele

    The Narrative is Vital and Appreciated here, By Me. So much Love I felt in my chest/Heart while I watched your work{video} It made My Day. Thank You. Love, And In Christ, Charmaigne

  3. Linda Jones

    It felt like a real sense of community. You felt the love and the connection.

  4. Anonymous

    I enjoyed this film. It was up lifting. How a ride could change a life. Nice!

  5. Anonymous

    I know how isolating it can for my mom since she can no longer drive. What a great service.

  6. Jo Robinson

    What a wonderful film and well deserved award winner.

  7. Anonymous

    So sad, yet so,uplifting. The Dial-A-Ride driver provides those folks so much comfort, companionship, and respect.

  8. Anonymous

    wish they had something like this in our town and a driver who cares

  9. Anonymous

    Those riders and driver really form a connection with each other. You can feel the way they care and how important it is for everybody to be heard, people love telling stories about their lives.

  10. Anonymous

    All I want to do is move to the UK and be a driver. The stories, the connections, the purpose.

  11. Candace Coonrod

    Fabulous film. The connection between the passengers and the driver are precious

  12. Anonymous

    This is just fabulous! I love it!

  13. Denise

    This is wonderful. Giving so much to these people by giving them a ride and each other.

  14. Anonymous

    made me smile the positivity amongst the people who had significant health issues, losses in their lives.

  15. Anonymous

    It made me realize just how much something as simple as offering a person a ride somewhere can be their only interaction with others.

  16. Anonymous

    It made me fell lucky that I am still able to get around, but I need to take advantage to the things I have now

  17. Melissa Glorioso

    The driver benefits greatly by offering this service – I love how he appreciates and values each rider.

  18. Anonymous

    A very inspiring film! So much to learn from those with many years.

  19. BobAuvergne

    Transportation is a real struggle regardless of where you live, but here in rural Maine finding a ride is a real challenge. This kind of a service would be a real life-saver for many

  20. Anonymous

    This is a beautiful film. It makes you think about aging.

  21. Michael Schoenleber

    Touching film. It is helpful when you reach out to someone less advantaged, for both sides.


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