Selected Film:

El Empleo

Selected Film:

El Empleo

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About the Filmmaker

Santiago Bou GRASSO (1979, Argentina) studied design in visual communication. He is a freelance illustrator, animator and filmmaker. His independent short film animations have participated in many festivals and received more than a hundred international awards. The Employment (2008) has been his biggest success. Grasso lives and works in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

What inanimate object represents your work life?  

  • Can you relate to the film’s premise that everyone serves an objectified role in service of another? If you had to pick an object that best represents your role or the service you provide at home or at work, what would it be?
  • Can you draw a representation of what you look like as this object? If you aren’t fully comfortable with how you see yourself, is there another object that you can draw represents the role you’d like to play?

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  1. Lesley Fernow

    Devastating! moving!

  2. Mary Schinhofen

    I think that this is an incredible depiction of how we view each other. And the “executive” who uses the protagonist as a doormat–who or what is objectifying him?

  3. P. A. Schlief

    It’s disheartening that business has become this way. Seems there was a time when a person’s drive, knowledge, and life-experience was enough. Businesses now don’t care who you are or if you have any knowledge of the position your applying for; if you have a degree, you’re in. Where does that leave us who have not had the privilege of a college education, but have led abundant, full, meaningful lives?

  4. Nadia

    I’m an ethnic minority in a predominantly white working-class area in the UK. And, the film more-or-less represents how I am viewed by the main populace that I’m surrounded by; as a nobody … somebody that has nothing to contribute towards the local community, etc. Quiet sad and abhorrent, really.

  5. Vicki

    I believe this story represents that each one of use serve a purpose. Even some days when we don’t see the purpose. We all have a role in how our lives are appreciated.

  6. Joyce Coleman

    Interesting, my interpretation is that the individual is disregarding others and a door mat for his boss.

  7. A.D. Minier

    seems to be how we are headed

  8. Joseph Steinhoff

    wow, powerful reminder of not taking our loved ones for granted

  9. Del

    Well done! We interact with everyone all the time and seldom do most appreciate all those around us and especially those that do so much for us in little and great. This film really depicts what often seems like retinue and mundane tasks we have in life whereas we are oblivious to the actual relationships we have with one another. We too are a part of the bigger picture as we often play a part in others lives just like the doormat.

  10. Mary F.

    This was very creatively done. It seems like it depicts how we can lose ourselves very easily and the consequences for doing so are dramatic!


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