Selected Film:

Fallen Bird

Selected Film:

Fallen Bird

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About the Filmmaker

Director Nathan Fagan is an award-winning Irish filmmaker and his works include everything from music videos to commercials to short films. He’s one half of directing duo, Luna, and works with the Irish production company, Bold Puppy. Over the past few years, he’s also directed a number of short documentary films, including this 2015 film, which won the Award for Best Short Documentary at the IFI Documentary Festival. It subsequently screened at numerous Irish and international film festivals.

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Create your own Fallen Bird image

  • The artist in the film talks about how his image, “Fallen Bird,” is essentially a biographical image and represents his earlier experience of ‘falling away’ from society. Pick up a pencil and try to represent how you see yourself in your community, your society. What kind of animal/object/shape might be a good representation of who you are? What is a good representation of your community/society? Sketch a few ideas putting both of these elements together and then select one to redraw on a bigger piece of paper.

  • Share with family and friends. What do they think? How do they respond?

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  1. Anonymous

    seems sad and lonely. depressing.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it’s wonderful that he found painting to replace his addiction. Many times people don’t find a way out and then it’s to late. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous

    Dark and hollow life. I hope he finds success.

  4. Anonymous

    i can relate to this


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