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SImilar to this year’s Interactive Film Festival,  our First Annual UnLonely Film Festival challenged filmmakers to share stories spotlighting the impact of loneliness and isolation in our seemingly hyperconnected world. How many of us haven’t felt lonely at one point or another in our lives? And how many of us haven’t felt just a little bit better—and less alone—by realizing how others struggle with these feelings and social situations? Through the films we’ve curated here, you’ll find that’s the beauty and the healing power of art. You’ll discover what being UnLonely and creatively connected is all about.

Our virtual theaters feature a wide range of documentaries, dramas, and animations to choose from.  Each of the Festival’s five theaters (click the links to the right or below) lets you discover films that explore a particular aspect of loneliness and isolation —especially as they affect a specific group of people.  You’ll find stories of warmth, humor, love, and loss, endurance, tragedy, triumph, and more.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

Theaters by Theme

Theater 1

Older Adults and Caregivers. The aging process presents challenges—physical, emotional and social—not only for the aging but for those who care for them.

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Theater 2

Veterans and their FamiliesA call-to-duty can take its toll on those protecting our country and the families that support them. 

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Theater 3

In the Minority and On the MarginRace, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status— these can be factors that distance us from others when we need them most. 

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Theater 4

Everyday LifeAt work and at home, with family, colleagues, neighbors, friends, or folks we seek to know better, we are always navigating the hurdles of relationships.   Along the way, we discover more about ourselves and others, and always, surprise. 

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Theater 5

Major Illness and DisabilityMany of us live with physical and other health challenges that are hard for others to truly understand.  But sometimes, in the course of accepting and even embracing those differences in ourselves, we invite others to do the same and forge essential bonds. 

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Your Help Matters!

Want to support our efforts to fight loneliness and isolation by connecting through creative expression?  We are a 501(c)3 public charity and contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thanks to our Festival’s co-host, Mike Paseornek, President of Production, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group for joining in the acknowledgment process for the many fine films that were selected for you here.

Why a Film Festival and Why Now?

We’re witnessing one of today’s fastest growing public health concerns. According to a recent study, over one-third of American adults are lonely. Emerging research indicates that in addition to depression, substance abuse, and suicide, isolation and loneliness is associated with increased risk of early death from heart disease and cancer of 30%: a risk on par with smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The Film Festival is an online exploration of loneliness and isolation, drawing on the time-tested power of creative arts expression to powerfully share the stories that “connect us.”

Learn more about the issue and remedies through our initiative, The UnLonely Project.



  • George Bennett
  • Alex Drane
  • Doug Drane
  • Rose Higgins
  • Jeremy Nobel
  • Kevin O’Grady &
    Nella Webster O’Grady
  • Barbara Ricci
  • John Zweig