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What Is The UnLonely Film Festival and Why Now?

For thousands of years, we have used the power of creative expression to tell our stories, share thoughts and feelings and in so doing connect us to ourselves and others. Ironically, today’s society is increasingly linked through social media, while simultaneously losing a personal sense of connection, relevance, and belonging. Certain groups struggle especially hard with this growing burden of isolation, including older adults, those with major illnesses, caregivers, the LGBTQ community, veterans, adolescents and young adults, and immigrants and refugees.

The UnLonely Film Festival creates a megaphone for all voices and stories to be heard and celebrated to generate authentic connections and community. It is an opportunity to go deeper into revealing and sharing our human stories, to celebrate those who have found ways to move forward and to admire and applaud the power of creative expression and its unique ability to reveal deep and meaningful truths and to bring us together authentically and enduringly.

The Festival is centered around the themes, topics, and complexities of loneliness and isolation, as experienced by individuals dealing with various challenges and circumstances and explored from any perspective.

One Exciting Festival. Three Engaging Venues.

Festival Conference.

This event included film excerpts and expert panel discussions on loneliness and isolation in various contexts.

Festival Launch Celebration.

The Festival launched New York City at the New York University and was co-hosted by Steven Safyer, MD the CEO of Montefiore Health System and Lionsgate’s President, Mike Paseornek. Arts, medicine, and public policy luminaries joined guests for screenings of winning films, awards presentations.

Virtual Theater.

A curated collection of films from the Festival for everyone to see, share, and engage in the event.

Who was Invited to Participate?

Created to capture and reward the attention of professional and semi-professional filmmakers wanting to express their insights, feelings, and imagination, the Online Film Festival is a celebratory platform and venue for their work to be seen and appreciated.

Why Did the Filmmakers Participate?

Whether an established or newly-emerged videographer, the Festival provides a venue for their work to be seen by thousands within our engaged communities (visit us on Facebook). They welcomed the chance to benefit from the process of creative expression and collaborate with other filmmakers. Plus, they’re doing something fun and engaging that will make a difference in the lives of others.

The filmmakers are enabling us to experience the power of creative expression and form authentic connections as we explore this timely and provocative topic.



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