Selected Film:

Free to Laugh

Selected Film:

Free to Laugh

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About the Filmmaker

Lara Everly is a director, actor, and writer. Her affinity for comedy has led to working on sitcoms, half-hour shows, features, and many national commercials. As a director, she celebrates female-driven comedy and women’s issues. Her films have played the film festival circuit, winning awards and procuring distribution with New Wave Entertainment, Oprah.com, Snag Films, ShortsTV, and Amazon. She’s worked with digital platforms such as Refinery29, FunnyorDie, Scary Mommy and Awestruck and is currently in production to direct and host a docu-series about the price of parenthood for a new entertainment channel. Everly is equally immersed in the branded world as well as directing commercials and branded content for clients such as Walmart, Little Tikes and BabyCenter. She loves merging comedy with advocacy using humor to provoke change. You can view her work at www.laraeverly.com.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Find the humor in your story.

  • As one of the women interviewed in the film said, “It’s a priceless tool to be able to take a situation that doesn’t feel good and just take the weight off of it and bring it into perspective and laugh about it.”
  • So take a minute, close your eyes, and think about a situation that you don’t like to think about. Acknowledge whatever feelings you might have associated with this event—sadness, regret, embarrassment, etc.—and then look beyond those feelings.
  • What else is there to the story? Can you find any humor in it so that when you think about it again, you may feel a bit better? What would the story sound as if told from the perspective of someone else in the story?
  • Once you find the right approach to cast this story in a lighter, funnier perspective, try to rewrite the story for yourself.

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  1. Marilyn

    Best one!! I loved watching every minute of it and I cried at the end. So inspiring.

  2. Anonymous

    Very Very heart felt. This really makes you thankful for everything you have.

  3. Anonymous

    Touching, honest, and showcases the healing power of being appreciated for who you are and not what you’ve “done”. The inherent value of play and connection, “when I truly see you, I see me”.

  4. Anonymous

    very good very powerful

  5. Anonymous

    Enjoyed it very much. Shows how every one wants to be loved. How people can overcome obstacles. The people were very likable, and honest.

  6. Vicki

    So proud and happy for all these people that have overcome their worst days and are enjoying the best days of their lives. It takes courage and the grace of God for these people to have joy again!

  7. Anonymous

    very powerful

  8. Anonymous

    being who we want to be is a good thing

  9. Herman

    Great film. Humanizes people who we judge and forget and shows the value of humor and honesty.

    • Krista

      I know that humor is good medicine. Hearing former addicts saying that they can have fun while sober and get have relief with humor is very powerful.

  10. karen

    healing is possible. these women are living examples of that.

  11. Anonymous

    Great to see the healing through laughter. Difficult experiences being overcome.

  12. Anonymous

    Heart breaking reality for so many people. Wonderful positivity dsplayed

  13. Anonymous

    Powerful movie about real people struggling with real life issues and challenges and trying to overcome those. Really pricelss

  14. Anonymous

    Amazing video! Firm believer in laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you.

  15. Anonymous

    This video helped me think that i should appreciate life, and my loved ones even more.

  16. Debbie

    This film was inspiring to me because it gave me another perspective on a recent tragedy in my own life that has paralyzed me. I will try to see some humor in the situation and not let it hold me back from enjoying life and looking ahead.

  17. Hildi Wolfish

    It gives me incredible respect and admiration for the bravery of these women. In such a short time, the filmmaker did a great job of allowing us “in” to immediately relate to and care about each woman. We need so many more of these community programs. I wonder if there are follow up studies to let us know how the women fared in life moving forward.

  18. Anonymous

    Laughter is the best medicine for a lot of things. It sure seemed to help these women make light of things that bother them.


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