Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film
from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

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Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


Gerda Saunders has a fabulous sense of style. She also has a progressive form of dementia, and lately, she’s been asking herself whether all this effort she’s putting into her appearance will be worth it once she can no longer manage it herself.

About the Filmmakers

Elaine Clark, Writer/Producer, is a Producer at Radio West, of KUER.NPR Utah.  She studied Folklore and Germanic and Middle East Studies which included work for an education NGO in the West Bank.

Doug Fabrizio, the director, has been reporting for KUER News since 1987 and became News Director in 1993. In 2001, he became a host and executive producer of KUER’s RadioWest, a one-hour conversation/call-in show.


Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Questions:

  • For Gerda, clothing or style is one of her core expressions. What is your core form of expression? How do you express the most authentic version of yourself? How would you feel if you weren’t able to express yourself in the same way?
  • How would you feel about having to leave your job due to an ailment of some kind? How would you feel if a part of your identity no longer centered on your profession? How would you spend your time?
  • We see Gerda needing her husband to finish getting dressed, find her shoes, etc. How do you feel about relying on your partner or a family member to help you with your basic needs?  Would you allow it or would you design work-arounds to avoid it? Why? Have you had a discussion with your partner or loved ones about how you want to live your life in the case it becomes severely compromised?


  • Following Gerda’s example, write your own ‘field notes.’ Write about something that is ailing or troubling you, or that you are afraid of. Write without emotion and feel free to include illustrations.
  • In spite of everything, Gerda seems to remain upbeat and grateful for the positive aspects of her life, like her husband. Make a list poem of all of the things you are grateful for in your life. The big and the small. Try to add a line or two that wraps the list together and makes sense of it. Share with somebody close to you.
  • Stage your personal fashion shoot. Take a critical look at your closet: what clothes do you own that are unique, brightly colored, and grab your attention? Pull out everything that fits the description and especially the clothes that you’ve never worn because you’ve been too self-conscious. Mix and match clothes, shoes, and accessories to create unusual and eye-catching outfits. Set up your phone, or ask a friend or family member to take photos of you. Then model each of these outfits for the camera and take a few shots of each in different poses. Once you’ve modeled each of the outfits and their various permutations, look carefully at the series and determine which if any successfully serve as a form of personal expression.


PS: Looking for even more ways to "creatively connect?"  Follow this link for a few other ideas.

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.


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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

Because it really helps with awareness for The UnLonely Project 🙂


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