Selected Film:

Guest Room

Selected Film:

Guest Room

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Guest Room is a film that follows Amber who has to tackle questions of independence, identity and motherhood after an unplanned pregnancy with her boyfriend. As Amber navigates the uninvited opinions of others she finds herself feeling isolated from the very support she needs, and questioning her own capabilities.

It’s not very often you encounter a film where both leads have Down Syndrome, and this film successfully shows how both characters long to be treated like adults and not marginalized.  We see Amber’s frustration and fear when others try to control what she should do or how she should feel. 

Have you ever felt marginalized or disrespected when making an important decision? How do you set boundaries while also making sure you receive the support you need? 

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About the Filmmaker

Josh Tate is a writer, director, and producer with a passion for disability rights. A Film Independent Fellow in Directing and Screenwriting, Josh received his MFA in production from USC, where he won a Student Emmy for his producing work. His short film, GUEST ROOM, premiered at SXSW and his feature debut, LOVE LAND, was awarded a 2013 grant from the San Francisco Film Society and won the Audience Award and Special Jury Prize at the 25th New Orleans Film Festival. Josh worked as a legal intern for Mental Health Advocacy Services while earning his JD from UCLA School of Law, where he served as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the UCLA Entertainment Law Review.

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Free-write response

  •  Relate to Amber’s story by writing about a time when you experienced condescension or when you were disrespected. How did you deal with it? Was there someone who supported you and affirmed your feelings? What lessons did you learn?
  •  Consider sharing your writing with the person who supported you.

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  1. Anonymous

    It was a very sweet film about love. Down syndrome should not be a barrier to love and parenthood.

    • petluv

      It was a very touching story of two people with Downs who fall in love and decide to face what ever life throws at them. Including having a baby.

  2. Linda Jones

    Everyone has a right to love.

  3. Anonymous

    Love is love and everyone has the right to give and receive love in a healthy relationship.

  4. vicki bowser

    Beautiful. I loved the sisters reaction. If only more people could see through her eyes.

  5. Anonymous

    Beautiful love story❤️

  6. Anonymous

    Bravo! Great love story and message.

  7. Anonymous

    Very touching love story.

  8. Anonymous

    What a beautiful video. Loved the sisters response.

  9. Candace Coonrod

    It’s amazing what you can accomplish with enough love and support

  10. Anonymous

    This is a lovely story. What struck me is that the fact that the two people had Down Syndrome is not really relevant. The story of love is universal, and the decisions they must make are faced by many. Admittedly they have more of an uphill battle with support and acceptance, but I just see them as two people in love.

  11. Ka

    Great story

  12. Caroline

    So strong, so heart warming, beautifully written and acted. Thank you for highlighting the issue around disability inequality.

  13. Carmen

    Dignity for all humans. Treat all people with respect and kindness. Lovely video.

  14. Anonymous

    Beautiful and loving

  15. Anonymous

    It was a wonderful story. Everyone can face this decision. it was wonderful what her sister said, it was positive reaction.

  16. Anonymous

    The enduring love of her sister made me tear up.

  17. Anonymous

    I found the story very uplifting in the way that it showed some of the characters loving attitude

  18. Anonymous

    Trying to do what is right on your own without a disability is hard enough. I could not imagine???

  19. Anonymous

    This is a beautiful love story.

  20. Steph

    My older sister had Downs. It hurt me so much how she was made fun of and looked down on. She’s passed away now but I think of her and miss her everyday. I hope she knew how much we learnt from her, loved her, and was so proud of her just as she was. Where impacted us so much with her beautiful soul. Miss you Prissy x

  21. Cheryl Sedoris

    Great uplifting story – will real struggles for everyone in the story -but love binds them all together.


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