UnLoneliness: Be Part of This Creative Antidote 

How would you like to be part of our community’s collective effort to help address what has become a major public health issue: Loneliness.  Help by posting to your social media accounts!  Here’s a couple of ways you can participate:

1. Share this Page

Spread the word by sharing this page on your favorite social media sites. We want create build momentum for The UnLoneliness Project, create awareness of how big a public health issue it has become, and give folks an opportunity to join in activities for a collective remedy.

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2. Share Your Creative Expressions

Post or upload your creative expressions (or links to others’) that you believe might take the edge off loneliness for someone else… things like: Photos, Videos, Poems, Visual Art, Stories, or Recipes. Please be sure to include #unlonely in your post


Share your thoughts, videos, pictures, poems, songs, and links on our page.  

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Tweet and retweet #unlonely posts. Include and follow us, too—@FdtnArtHealing.

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Upload photos or videos from your smartphone.  Share them to Facebook, too!  

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Start an UnLonely board to begin posting your creativity, thoughts and links.  

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Post and tag UnLonely videos to your channel. Share videos to your social media accounts.  

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 Don’t forget to include “#unlonely” in your post!

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