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The arts have long provided emotional context for the human experience. Now, research is demonstrating that creative expression also contributes to better health and wellbeing. People from all walks of life and every corner of the planet are expressing themselves through the arts—musical, performance, visual, writing, culinary—and discovering how it reduces the physical and emotional burden associated with various types of health conditions and life circumstances.  Join us, along with those in healthcare and the arts, as we find out how, why, and when this important transformation occurs in order help all who might benefit.  Together, we can make Art powerful Medicine.

Loneliness Coverage in US News and World Reports

The UnLonely Project and founder Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH were featured in US News & World Reports.  Here's an excerpt from the article.  You can read the full story here.  Feeling sad, lonely and useless is more than just an emotional quagmire for millions...

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Loneliness Coverage in the NY Times

  PERSONAL HEALTH To Counter Loneliness, Find Ways to Connect Much of modern life, though seeming to promote connectivity, has had the opposite effect of fostering social isolation and loneliness, experts say.   By Jane E. Brody June 25, 2018 A four-minute...

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Conversation at the School of Art Institute of Chicago

Being UnLonely through Creative Expression A conversation with Joseph Behen, Executive Director, Counseling, Health, and Disability Services at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH, President of the Foundation for Art & Healing...

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Psychology Today Disconnection Article

Featured in Psychology Today: A Cure for Disconnection Loneliness is so insidious: It hides in plain sight and, unlike smoking or obesity, isn't typically seen as a threat, even though it takes a greater toll on our well-being. The need for intervention is...

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Evan’s Story: UnLonely on Campus

Evan's Story: UnLonely on Campus “College is the best four years of your life.” First-year students at undergraduate colleges and universities around the country hear this phrase perhaps more than any other, from parents, siblings, teachers. I certainly...

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Creativity and Connection in Healthcare

Exploring Creativity and Connection in Health and Healthcare The arts have the ability to give us fresh ways to make sense of the world, to relate to oneself and others, and to feel “connected.” Creative expression fosters and amplifies positive emotions,...

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The UnLonely Film Festival Submissions

Submissions | Deadline 02.15.2018 Judge and Co-Host: Mike Paseornek, President of Production Lionsgate Tell Your Powerful Story in Our 2nd Annual UnLonely Film Festival  The UnLonely Film Festival, the first to be dedicated to telling the stories of the public health...

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Caregivers Month

  Celebrating Caregivers Month in Augusta     Caregiving is very difficult work, work that can be physically grueling and emotionally grinding. It often results in isolation and loneliness for the caregiver who, over time, increasingly withdraws from activities in...

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