Selected Film:

I Have Something to Tell You

Selected Film:

I Have Something to Tell You

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About the Filmmaker

Dumaine Babcock and Ben Joyner found themselves at a unique advantage because of Babcock’s relationship with Chesser, who just so happens to be his godfather. With such a personal connection to a film’s subject, it’s no wonder that I Have Something To Tell You is so compelling to watch.

Joyner is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer and director. He is currently shooting two documentary feature films. In addition to working professionally as a director of photography, he also has a passion for directing narrative. His latest short film, ABDUCTED, was a 2018 SC Indie Grant recipient and is in post-production. Ben is currently in pre-production on his next short film, to be shot in the summer of 2019.

Babcock is working as an ICG Local 600 camera assistant in Atlanta, while also shooting smaller indie projects. He is currently assisting on an episodic television series.



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Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Create a video self-portrait

  • Take a video self-portrait to support your own self-reflection around life-altering moments or issues that you’ve experienced.
  • Make a list of events or issues that have been difficult for you and with which you may have some unresolved feelings.
  • Set up your phone or camera with a stand, so that you appear in the frame, close-up, and so that you are happy with the overall composition.
  • Press record, and do your best to forget about the camera. Then, look at the list of events and issues and allow yourself to re-experience and dwell on the event fully.
  • Now, stop the video and watch the recording. What do you see? How would you describe your expressions? Do you see anything that is surprising? Do you think you’ve come to terms with the events? If not, do you have any ideas for how to approach a resolution?  

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  1. arlene butler

    love this!

  2. Ezekiel Vizzer

    This film brought tears to my eyes. My experiences coming out were not easy and surrounded by a lot of other emotional garbage. I cannot begin to imagine having the weight of a HIV/AIDs diagnosis on top of it. The way that Adrain dealt this this is both beautiful and inspiring.

  3. Anonymous

    loved it

  4. Anonymous

    This brought tears to my eyes.

  5. Anonymous

    A powerful story on how someone can share difficult times in a creative way.

  6. Anonymous

    His photos help him cope.

  7. Cheryl Sedoris

    Wonderful story of struggle, resilience and living in the world with it’s bias, and lack of love and understanding from his mother.


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