Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


A lonely, closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

About the FIlmmakers

Beth David is a recent graduate of RCAD, The Ringling College of Art and Design and now an animator at Blue Sky Studios in Connecticut,  the producers of such major animation features as Ice Age, Robots and Rio. Originally from Cincinnati, she describes herself as a “huge fan of pasta and people who look like their dogs.”  

Esteban Bravo is also a recent graduate of RCAD and also working at Blue Sky Studios! He is from Mexico City and explains, “My art can communicate what’s in my head in ways that could never with only words.”  He and David are hoping to collaborate animatedly in the future.



Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Questions

  • Has peer or family scrutiny impacted any of your relationships? How did it make you feel? Did you find that you changed your behavior?
  • Both of the characters had moments of bravery when they did things that made them vulnerable in the eyes of others. When was the last time you showed your bravery by allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of other people?
  • At the beginning of the movie, we see the main character hiding from his love interest. Do you have the same tendency to hide—if not physically, emotionally—from the people that you are most attracted to?


  • Write a love prose poem that doesn’t include the word ‘love’ but instead recounts all of the unspoken ways your special person makes you feel love.
  • Make a photo album Valentine. Look through your photo stream for images of a loved one that reveal a quality you deeply admire. Print images and draft messages corresponding to each photo that articulates the quality and the reason why you admire them for it. Place the images with the corresponding text in a small book that you can present to them as a gift.
  • Was there ever a moment where you lacked the bravery to express your true feelings and have since wondered what might have happened if you had? No matter your current circumstances, write a letter to the person to whom you never expressed your true feelings. You don’t have to send the letter–most important is getting your feelings down on paper.

Our Try This page has even more creative expression inspiration!

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.


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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

Because it really helps with awareness for The UnLonely Project 🙂


Step 5: Discover other films that may interest you.


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