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In the film In Between, a young woman tries to go about her daily life, but is harassed by an imagined crocodile, who prevents her from making connections with those around her.

We enjoyed how this film captured how extreme shyness can be a barrier for some people. There are many people who suffer from social anxiety but manage to cover it up, and on the surface look to be leading a relaxed life. The film speaks to this situation with a great sense of humor. 

Do you think we should speak more openly as a society about the prevalence of social anxiety or shyness? Has your own shyness ever prevented you from doing things you might have otherwise wanted to do? Can you think of someone you know who might need extra support navigating social experiences? If so, can you imagine anything that might help? 

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To go even deeper, you can try the creative exercises we’ve developed for you.

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About the Filmmaker

Alice Bissonnet, is a French 2D/CG animator and storyboarder. She studied at Gobelins in Paris and is one of the co-directors of the short film In-Between. She lives in Paris and works in different studios across Europe.

Sandrine Han Jin Kuang is a 2D animator, Character designer and Storyboard artist based in Paris.

Juliette Laurent is an animator, 2D 3D Illustrator and former student at Gobelins in animation.

Sophie Markatatos is a storyteller, color lover and award-winning filmmaker. She graduated from EMCA and Gobelins in France, worked in different animation studios as animator, designer and background painter, and then went to the Royal College of Art. Sophie likes to turn ideas into visual things and enjoys directing films and designing projects from concept to completion. She recently did writing for animation residency in Meknes, Morocco, organized by NEF Animation, where she developed her next short film. Sandrine Han Jin Kuang is a 2D animator, Character designer, and Storyboard artist.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Visualize the ‘animal’ that you battle with in social situations

  • How exactly does your animal trip you up? Around the ankles or knees so you can’t get to the places where you’d like to be? Or around your mouth or throat so you can’t express yourself the way that you’d like? Or does your animal work its way internally to make you uncomfortable physically?
  • Once you are better acquainted with how your animal restricts you, think about how you could tame that animal in the future. Think of a word or combination of words that you could say in your head while taking some deep breaths to keep yourself calm when you feel any social anxiety, shyness, or discomfort. Practice the words and breathing ahead of time so you’ll be ready when an uncomfortable moment arises.

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  1. Ka

    Sometimes our fears hinders us from truly opening up- Great film!

  2. Anonymous

    Loved it

  3. Anonymous

    Social anxiety can be crippling as it is for me. The film made me smile!

  4. Laura Huffard

    Social anxiety can be crippling, as it is for me. This film made me smile!

  5. Aleta Staton

    It aptly details what is very difficult to describe. Loved it!

  6. Valerie L.

    I loved it. The alligator is indicative of so many things to me, not just loneliness. Shyness and social uneasiness has become a hindrance to me as I age. Great story. Thank you.

  7. Alki

    I loved the fact that at the end she accepted it and started to work with it instead of against it.I think that made a difference.

  8. Debbie

    First, I don’t like animated films. But, I do understand the symbolism of the crocodile restricting her life. She had to accept it, as is, to get beyond her personal restrictions.

  9. Mary F.

    It was a film that we all can relate to at some point in our lives. It was frustrating and hopeful at the same time.


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