The Foundation for Art & Healing builds initiatives across three areas: awareness, discovery and sharing. Our approach is centered on the belief that in order to move the conversation forward regarding the connection between art and healing and impact positive change in the broader community, the Foundation must:

  • Bring greater awareness to the connection
  • Provide leadership in discovering new knowledge in the field through scientific research
  • Create model community outreach programs that can bring the healing power of creative expression to broader populations

Here are a few current and past programs that showcase our community’s focus…

The UnLonely Project

In response to the growing public health concern of social isolation and loneliness, the Foundation for Art and Healing is pleased to launch The UnLoneliness Project. The goal of this signature initiative is to broaden public awareness of the negative physical and mental health consequences of loneliness associated with a wide range of life conditions and circumstances while also exploring and promoting creative arts based approaches to reduce the burden.

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Art & Healing PTSD

MaskPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) represent significant burdens for those afflicted, as well as their caregivers and military and civilian healthcare delivery systems. Given this suffering and strain, new approaches to address the treatment of PTSD & TBI are urgently needed to help active service members thrive while performing their duties, and also to ensure they integrate safely with society while off-duty or when they make the transition to veteran status.

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Healing Throughout the Hospital

programs-healingHospitals are at the heart of healthcare delivery for most of our communities, and at the heart of hospitals are its employees, working hard to provide comfort and medical care to their family, friends, and neighbors at times of urgent and critical need. Consequently the goal of enhancing the health and wellbeing of hospital employees is of the utmost importance, not just for employees and for the hospital, but for the community.

Healing Throughout the Hospital is designed to coordinate three channels of creative engagement for the hospital community:

  1. Direct engagement in creative activities such as photography classes, musical performances, creative movement classes or creative healthy cooking seminars
  2. Improving the built environment through both temporary and permanent installations of artwork
  3. Engaging the hospital community (employees and patients) with the local arts community in high-quality on-site programming

The result of these efforts will be a hospital workforce that benefits from the healing powers of creative engagement, improved employee morale and commitment to the mission of the hospital, and greater community connectivity through patients and non-patients.

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Arts & the Heart Roundtable

programs-heartHeart disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the developed world. Changes in lifestyles and related risk factors are quickly making cardiovascular illnesses, including heart disease and stroke, the most prevalent illness burden worldwide. While enormous medical progress has been made in recent decades, a growing understanding of the intricate relationship between cardiovascular disease and the human experience represents an opportunity to reduce the prevalence of heart disease and the suffering it causes even further.

The Arts & the Heart Roundtable was a ground-breaking convening of prominent thought-leaders in medicine, the arts, and community and public health. The overwhelming consensus was that vigorous and effective exploration of the relationship between creative engagement and health, particularly cardiac health, was timely and important.

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