Selected Film:

Les Lèvres Gercées

Selected Film:

Les Lèvres Gercées

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About the Filmmaker

Recently graduated from the animation film department of GOBELINS in Paris, Kelsi Phung began to make a name in the animation industry by directing the music video “Wonderland” for Caravan Palace. Today, their artistic approach revolves around their commitment to the LGBTI+ community and people of colour for who they are willing to give more visibility in the audiovisual landscape. Fabien Corre, 22 years old old, joined GOBELINS’ animation school in Paris directly after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts. Inside, his taste for art direction has strengthened. Now freshly graduated, he seeks to develop his writing and his taste for poetry through personal projects, while continuing to nurture his love for animation through future engaged projects him and Kelsi have in mind.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

What is the question that you fear asking the most?

  • As we see in the film, a question can be as revealing as a statement. Write a question that you fear asking as a way to start a poem. Try to follow the meter or rhythm of the starting question in the following lines that explore and consider this question further. Start the next stanza with another question and continue with this format until you run out of questions.
  • Now that you’ve written the question down on paper, and considered the reasons why it has remained unasked, do you feel it might be easier to ask? What are you afraid will happen if the question is asked?

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