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Listen: UnLonely Playlist 5

Wow! We got a lot of great song suggestions from you for our UnLonely Playlist No. 5. We found it especially interesting why these are your “go-to” songs when you’re feeling a bit lonely or isolated:

  • “Sometimes, when everything is going awry this song reminds me that I just need to trust the process that is life.”
  • “It makes me want to dance and when I do dance those endorphins sure help me feel better.”
  • “It helps to relate that I am not alone in feeling lonely and gives hope there is a way out.”
  • “I am not sure it just rejuvenates me.”
  • “The song starts off as this lonely ballad but by the end a group of voices are singing together.”

So as you cruise into the last month of summer, have a listen to some “reset” tunes knowing that someone out there wanted to share them with you. Feel the creative connection?

Thanks to all who contributed! We’re keeping all the submissions on file as we put together our next UnLonely Playlist 🙂

Hosted on Spotify. Listen to each entire song on your desktop web browser, or through the Spotify smartphone app.


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