Selected Film:

My Paintbrush Bites

Selected Film:

My Paintbrush Bites

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Joel Pincosy – Director /Producer Joel is an award-winning filmmaker with an interest in telling stories of struggling characters in compelling and humorous ways. These complex characters are always the center of these stories: their lives, their problems and their development are the basis for the human conflicts he is interested in examining. His work has been shown world wide at festivals, and on television.

Joe Egender – Producer/Co-Director Joe Egender is an actor/filmmaker. He created and is currently directing the original Netflix doc series “Untitled Natural Selection” and is producing the feature documentary Untitled Juvenile Lifers. He co-wrote and produced the feature film Holy Ghost People, a thriller set in the world of a reclusive snake handling church. The film premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. As an actor, Egender recently recurred in “The Night Of” (HBO), American Horror Story (FX), and Texas Rising (History).

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Experiments in painting

  • Just as the main character experienced many surprises and found great value in painting with his friend, so can you! Invite a friend, a family member, or a neighbor to spontaneously add strokes of paint or marker to a blank piece of paper. Reflect on your collaboration and together agree upon a title.
  • Or try painting or drawing on your own in a unique way. If you are right-handed, try painting with your left hand. Or go back and forth painting with the hand you are most comfortable with and then less comfortable with and see what you produce.

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  1. Anonymous

    Fantastic! I am an artist and would love to have my work next to Metro’s. Bravo!

  2. Anonymous

    wonderful way to share a horse tail or is that tale

  3. Anonymous

    Wonderful story. A story of mutual healing and shared spirit.

    • Patricia Panella

      I loved this story of Metro. I used to be very involved with horses. What an amazing story that he was able to get him to paint on a canvas. I am plannng to do some painting myself now. His relationship with the horse was very emotional for me.
      It was very satisfying to see the pleasure he gained from his relationship with Metro. Very Healing.

  4. Anonymous

    So beautiful, made me cry.

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing story. Makes my heart happy!

  6. Richard T Sahara

    It makes me contemplate how one chooses to spend their life, or how activities find a person.

  7. Kathy

    Wonderful story of hope .

  8. Anonymous

    The love Ron has for Metro is a thing of beauty. The strong connection between Ron and Metro has a spiritual aspect to it, one filled with wonder and mystery.

  9. Anonymous

    I love this movie, and I love the relationship the man has with his horse. It is inspiring.

  10. Mindy

    Finding more life when all the indicators say you’re at a dead end—it’s beautiful. And, dang, animals have given us humans so many gifts & shown us what outrageous courage can look like.

  11. Anonymous

    The lack of judgement between animals and humans makes for a strong connection you can’t always get with another person. Metro and Ron have helped bring out the best in one another with their collaboration and found a sense of belonging outside of the society that could not see their inherent value. Definitely better together!

  12. Anonymous

    a very touching and wonderful story about a relationship between a man and his horse that helped both of them heal!

  13. Anonymous

    I’m an Art Teacher, I can’t wait to show this to the kids. Only problem is the phrases ” Drink a beer” and “i don’t give a #%[email protected]#.. ” haha.

    There was an Elephant at the Phoenix Zoo years ago that painting too! in the early 90’s .


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