Follow these four steps to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1

Watch the film.


A kiwi bird discovers a delicious golden egg that lets him fly, and so seeks more and more, even as the benefits diminishes and the pain of the quest and the dependency increases. Director: Andreas Hykade

Step 2

Join in the conversation about the film.


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Step 3

Explore these things after watching the film.

Try this after watching the film

Reflective Questions:

  1. Beyond the narrative of substance addiction, did the film make you think of other themes or did it resonate with you for other reasons? What else could the yellow ‘nuggets’ represent?
  2. What in your life has brought you to similarly high, peachy peaks of happiness? And what in your life brought you to similarly dark and low regions of depression? Were any of those two extreme moments connected by the same event(s)?
  3. Why do you think the filmmakers don’t include any other characters or other aspects of the character ’s life? What is missing? And why? Through the use of sound
  4. How does the character’s shape change over the course of the film? Is there any significance to the shape of the main character? Would you or other viewers react differently to another shape?
  5. The film leaves us with the character seemingly pondering over what to do next. Do you feel the character is able to break the cycle? Or do you think he continues the downward spiral? Why? Do you think the filmmakers led you to your conclusion? How?


  • Continue the line forward with your own steady hand and a black pen, and continue the story of the pear-shaped bird character from “Nuggets”. Questions to consider: what element could be added to change the downward spiral that the character is experiencing? To create a simple storyboard that is similar to the format of ‘Nuggets’, take a piece of 8 1/2 x 10” paper, and make 6 or 7 folds evenly distributed down the vertical paper. Draw a line across the lower-middle of each section to set the stage for the character and then draw each next event or action in one of the sections.

  • What shape are you? What shape best represents who you are to the world? Do you have corners or rounded edges? A feature that stands out above the rest? A color? Through such decision-making in designing and drawing your shape, can you reveal something about yourself?

  • Visit a museum/gallery or a bookstore/library where you can consider a range of artwork in a quiet setting.  Can you find examples of an artist expressing exalted happiness? And the opposite? Consider the two, read the contextual information of both (if available), and consider whether you have a preference for one of them. Why or why not?

  • Celebrate the journey. Set out on your own in nature or on an urban street and search for your own discovery: Smooth white rocks. Delicate acorn hats. Dented bottle caps. Orphaned keys. While you keep your eyes trained on the ground for a new discovery, try to notice your surroundings, the sounds, smells, and colors around you. After sorting through and cleaning your materials, consider creative ways for making these everyday objects beautiful and consider displaying your collection as a memento of your walk and day. Place orphaned keys flat inside a picture frame with a patterned backdrop. Collect your acorns in a jar. Stack your stones in small piles on a windowsill.

  • Consider a route you take every day; a route that is perhaps so familiar that you have stopped seeing it. Now take 10 to 15 minutes and try to describe this route in detail, and try to evoke a sense of place. Through your description, can you express what you feel is special about this route, without explicitly stating it as such?

Our Try This page has even more creative expression inspiration!

Step 4

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Step 5

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