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Director/Producer Joyce Chen was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She immigrated with her family at age 1 to Southern California, and received her US citizenship at age 16. After studying art direction at Boston University, Joyce began her career in production at advertising agency Modernista!, creating branded content, commercials and music videos. After moving to San Francisco in 2007, Joyce continued her career producing integrated campaigns for brands like Google, Xbox, Audi and adidas. Joyce got her first taste of documentary filmmaking when she produced the Google branded content piece “Nick’s First Pitch”, which won numerous industry awards in 2014. Joyce currently resides in San Francisco, CA where she is the Head of Production for Facebook. “Refugee”, which she co-directed with Emily Moore, is her directorial debut.

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  • Give yourself 10-15 minutes to respond in writing to Aichi Ba’s story. What moved you? What do you wish could have been different? Why did her story resonate with you?

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  1. Jose Villalobos Espindola

    This was very powerful and moving. As an immigrant myself, I recognize the heartbreak of leaving family behind.

  2. Ka

    Very real and powerful.

  3. Judy Mcloughlin

    The story is powerful, meaningful and important. 65,000,000 refugees around the world is one third of the population almost of the USA. We need to remember we are all refugees and hope is everything!


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