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Filmmakers Nick Trumble & Max Thurlow both have a passion for telling unique and inspiring stories. Discovering an ad on Gumtree looking for fellow musicians to join Ed Hardy in a ‘Jam’ at the care home, Nick contacted carer Sam Kinsella and asked to make a film about the event. We filmed over two weekends, the second of which we helped create a garden tea party for the gig. It was not only enjoyable to film but also to see how it positively effected everyone else at the home.

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Reunite with your own musical history

  • What songs have been important to you in your lifetime? Think back over each stage of your life and write down the songs that were important to you at each stage. Now create a play list of these songs on one of the streaming digital music services.
  • Listen, reflect, and write about the thoughts and feelings the music inspires. How does the music make you feel? Consider sharing the music and/or your writing with a friend or a family member. 

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  1. Anouymous

    It is amazing what the simplest of task, can change a person. There is not enough medicine in the world that could have provided the same out come, as a kind gesture and the rekindling of the spirit!

  2. Anonymous

    This is an awesome story. Love it!

  3. Denise

    Beautiful. Just listen and learn what people like and you can bring them joy back in their life.

  4. Richard T Sahara

    I’m teaching my son violin. I hope that when he is old, it will bring joy to his life. Perhaps he will remember me.

  5. anonymous

    I still meet with my old high school band members once a year for the past 50 years.

  6. herman

    Beautiful story. It reminds me of the idea that hearing is the last thing (sense) to go when a person is dying. Also that music can reduce anxiety among the critically ill. Somehow, somewhere in the recesses of the brain, music is able to cut through the tangle of cerebral nerves to allow a person to enjoy the universal benefits of this art form.

  7. Sarina Megna

    How wonderful! Music is good medicine.

  8. Marian Samela Dingus

    Music has unlocked so many individuals with dementia that I believe it should be prescribed every time!

  9. Judy Mcloughlin

    This a wonderful movie about a young man connecting with a elder through music😇❤️😎🎵

  10. Anonymous

    A superb film! Such an important story to see… for someone who’s caring for a parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s, this story is a reminder to look for the activity that once brought great pleasure and see if you can reignite the spark. Music is one way. Maybe there are others? Gardening? Dancing? Having regular access to a dog or cat? What else?

  11. Anonymous

    Such an important message


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