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Filmmaker Brendan Cleaves is an award-winning writer and director. In 2016, he won Best UK Screenplay for his script Building Bricks at the London Independent Film Festival.  Roger is the first short film he directed (2017), starring John Bradley from Game Of Thrones and comedian Seann Walsh. In 2018 the script was selected for the Hollywood Black List’s Top Comedy Scripts.  Brendan is currently in pre-production for his first feature film based on the Roger short. 

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Writing Exercise: Free write about this question as it relates to your own personal experience:  

  • “Distance grows the heart fonder? Or more fragile, lonely, and strange?”
  • We’ve all experienced a separation from someone close to us, but how have we dealt with the loss both publicly and privately? Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to write about an experience, careful to note details about your inner dialogue and feelings, while also trying to imagine how you appeared to everyone else.
  • Then, write a final paragraph contemplating what you might say to that person if you could see them today.

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  1. Del Ross

    Perhaps it’s the perspective in which I was watching this shot t film that through me off from a greater meaning than I took from it. I have always been the last one to actually get dry humor and so perhaps I am still in line for this one. Perhaps some additional thought will enlighten my unfocused mind.

  2. Del

    I get it – Meaningful relationships and our perspectives on them. Well anyway, this is my perspective.

  3. Anonymous

    Separation from those that are important to us is never easy. This video gave me food for thought about it.

  4. Anonymous

    He was lonely, so he adapted. Then when he had real companionship, he didn’t know how to “act”


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