(Great to make with kids, particularly if on isolation in a hospital room.) 

No two snowflakes are the same. No two humans are the same. Snowflakes come together to connect and create a moment (or several) of stillness. So, too, can humans. 

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Window paint/markers
  • Tape or string

  1.  Follow pattern for snowflake construction to make at least 9 unique snowflakes… you can get the patterns here.
  2. Arrangesnowflakes in 3×3 (or greater) pattern
  3. Connect snowflakes either by taping them together or by linking them with string
  4. Hang in window where passerby’s outside will view it
  5. Using window markers or window paint write the phrase with the letters written backwards (so that it reads legibly to passerby’s), “WE ARE ALL CONNECTED
  6. Know that you are bringing aesthetic pleasure and positive confirmation to those whom are around you!


*Note: You may want to play music that resonates with your mood while you create your Unlonliness masterpieces. Carry on maestro!  

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