Selected Film:

So Tiered

Selected Film:

So Tiered

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Beck Williams is a 2D Animator and Illustrator from Stoke-on-Trent, England. She graduated from the University of Derby with a Degree in Animation in 2017. Her work has featured in both Channel 4’s Random Acts and the BBC’s TV Licensing Campaign. She works as a Freelancer based in her hometown and is currently working on a project with Rural Media. In her spare time she likes to compete in animation competitions and festivals and has found some recognition in both; recently winning First Place in the latest contest by the Animation Career Review, for a Video Game Character Short Animation. Beck’s speciality is in frame-by-frame, transition, and morphing animations. She has a particular interest in storytelling involving human nature, morals, and change. Her main tools are Photoshop and After Effects, along with traditional media for textures.

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Free-draw to answer the question: What is your right number?

  • In this film, we see two opposing scenarios where in one an individual is striving to feel successful at work by working long hours and sacrificing personal time and sleep vs. an individual who pursues a work-life balance, where they leave their working life behind at the end of the work day, and eat and sleep well.
  • What is the best lifestyle for you? Respond by picking up a pen/pencil/marker/crayon and let your hand freely respond to memories and thoughts of a time when you were driven by work and then on a separate piece of paper, allow your hand to respond to the ideal of a work-life balance with the promise of feeling well-rested and healthier and more connected to the non-work people in your life. Reflect on your drawings: What are the differences? Which is more appealing?

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  1. Sara Coleman

    I love this animation and the story behind it! Well done to the designer! Very talented and gets the message across well.

  2. Lynne

    Feeling like you don’t belong, or fit in can make anyone one feel small & insignificant, He started off looking confident, going about doing work and not noticing that he was a 6, but then his collogues who were 4’s began to stare and whisper it caused him anxiety made him feel small as if he didn’t belong, this is true for work & school or any place you go, it’s true for business professionals as well as kids really anyone, but it’s important to be kind to people in scenario, it may save a life

  3. Alex Williams

    Finding a healthy work/life balance is paramount! Well done

  4. Sassy09

    I was not sure what the numbers meant but watched to see what it represents. Love the video and how it shows how to time manage and how we all need more sleep.

  5. Anonymous

    It reminded me that work is often plodding and draining. It isn’t always a calling – it’s just there day after day.

  6. Chad R

    Work/life balance is so different for each person. I can work 30 hours per week and have time for family, friends, etc…but if something at work is stressing me out, I do not handle it well and it carries over to affecting my sleep and being present.

  7. Del

    Very well done! I didn’t see my number – 10

  8. Anonymous

    I was confused in the beginning but I understood it by the end. My life just repeats itself everyday, my number reflects how I fit in at work and with my superiors.

  9. Anonymous

    very well done! Some work places use hierarchy that is not always necessary for growth of an agency. sometimes the best ideas come from younger less experienced employees.
    Working late at night and at home to get ahead is not a good idea in my opinion. Self care means that when the work day is done, it is done. Calls from a boss after that is just too much!

  10. Bridgette M Morehouse

    I love this! The numbers match hierarchical levels of a prior company to a ‘T’ 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    The person with 8 hours of sleep was able to actually dinner and enjoy her night before going to sleep.


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