Selected Film:

Spoon Fed

Selected Film:

Spoon Fed

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About the Filmmaker

Nick Hatton Jones is an award-winning writer and director. He has written and directed two romantic comedy micro ­series, The London Affair and The Script and the Rose both were screened by the BBC regionally and the latter was commissioned by the BBC. The London Affair was subsequently made as an online series and was received internationally by over 2 million viewers. Nick has developed the feature film script of The London Affair with guidance from the Head of Development at Icon. Nick has written and directed a number of short films. His short films have screened and won awards at film festivals across the world including Palm Springs International Film Festival, Miami International Film Festival, Heart of Gold, Liverpool Film Festival and Kansas International Film Festival amongst others. Nick is currently developing a number of Television and Film projects including an adaptation of his short film Spoon Fed.

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Writing exercise: Spend the day in someone else’s shoes.

  • Think of someone you know—preferably someone who you are close to—who has some kind of disability or chronic condition that has altered their day-to-day life. Take a minute to take stock of what you know about this person. What clues have they given about their life?
  • Using the first person voice or “I”, write about the imagined details of their day—even the uncomfortable moments that you don’t want to dwell on. You can start by ending this sentence:  “When I first woke up and was still lying in bed, I thought of….”

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s hard to accept change in yourself

  2. Anonymous

    Bravo! This film was very well done and shows that we all have challenges, yet with allowing help from others, it doesn’t need to be so disabling.

  3. anonymous

    Coping with life’s challenges can be made easier when you do not do it alone.

  4. Anonymous

    MS is extremely difficult in many public and private ways; this film is lovely in its exposure of the silent suffering, yet hopeful solidarity that may be found in social support, particularly when unexpected.

  5. kathy

    Made me realize we all need help some more than others but this made me think … a positive outlook.

  6. Milissa

    Loved it! Wow, Never realized the isolation felt by people with MS. Great story!

  7. Anonymous

    It brought tears to my eyes. Once again we take our wonderful mondaine lives for granted and as the song says, we get by with a little help from our friend, if we’re lucky enough to have them.

  8. Sue Fagalde Lick

    I’m writing through tears. I thank God I don’t have MS, but being a childless widow, I’m alone a lot, and this beautiful film touches my heart.

  9. Vlb

    The author catches the fact that even though people are different we are all the same and should not judge people. Beautiful film.


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