Nancy Introduces MS Patients to the World of Watercolor

Looking back, Nancy Foster wonders whether her decision as a young woman to pursue a dual major in visual art and art therapy at the College of New Jersey was a premonition. “My father wanted me to be a nurse, but somehow or another we are guided to what we should do...

Helen’s Story: Artist, Caregiver

Using Creativity to Deal with Impact of Alzheimer’s It’s a question Helen Meyrowitz heard often when she was the primary caregiver for her husband who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, “How is your husband doing?” “People often ask about the person with the...

Moms – There’s No Better Time than Now to Get Creative!

In May we celebrate Mother’s Day, and Creative Beginnings Month! Here are some great tips for busy moms (and other busy people) to either begin or revive a creative practice that can lead to a greater sense of connectedness and well-being. Five Tips for Creative...

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