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Loneliness impacts us all. Everyone occasionally experiences a feeling of isolation and alienation. In an increasingly digital world that seeks to connect us, it is all too easy to feel disconnected from other people.

Lonely manA Public Health Imperative

Over one-third of American adults are lonely, a recent study by the AARP shows, a number nearly doubled since the 1980s. For the general population, the negative health effects of loneliness are comparable to those associated with smoking. Loneliness is almost twice as deadly as obesity. There’s an even a higher incidence of loneliness for those facing PTSD, cancer, and diabetes, as well as for caregivers, the highly stressed, adolescents, and the elderly.

To begin addressing this public health concern, The Foundation for Art & Healing has launched The UnLoneliness Project. This multi-faceted initiative seeks to reduce the burden of loneliness and its stigma.

Following our three-fold mission to promote awareness, innovative programming, and research, we’ll work with a broad team of partner organizations to build, support and engage a vibrant community for The UnLoneliness Project.

You Can Make All the Difference

We invite your organization to join us on this important initiative by becoming a sponsor. We have a wide range of exposure opportunities for your brand, including promotional collateral, our website, social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, press releases, webinars, special events, speaking engagements, merchandise and more.

Charter Sponsorship Packages

Select from the tiers below, or contact us to discuss your customized sponsorship ideas.

PLATINUM— $100,000

  • Organization’s name always displayed along with The UnLoneliness Project branding
  • Organization’s logo in the top position of the Project’s sponsor page
  • Mention in 50 boosted social media posts
  • Co-billing with the Foundation for all speaking engagements and events


  • Organization’s logo on the Project’s sponsor page
  • Mention in 20 boosted social media posts
  • Organization’s logo included in collateral for speaking engagements and events


  • Organization’s name listed on the Project’s sponsor page
  • Mention in 10 boosted social media posts
  • Listing in collateral for speaking engagements and events


  • Organization’s name listed on the Project’s sponsor page
  • Mention in 5 boosted social media posts

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