The First Annual

Theater 2:
Veterans and Their Families

A call-to-duty can take its toll on those protecting their country and the families that support them.

Veteran Documentary Corps: Julie Mendez. After her Army service in the Iraq War and a difficult period of transition to civilian life, Mendez develops a vocation in art and finds her subject in the distance that persists among veterans, civilians, and clinicians.  Director/Producer: Silvia Turchin/Daniel L. Bernardi



Jason’s Story: Art and PTSD. For Marine Corps Captain Jason Berner, the contrast between his identity as a battle-strong warrior, and his resistance to creative and expressive therapies might have been a hurdle to healing.  But Captain Berner soon found that the act of creating, in a safe environment, was giving him a language to communicate what he would never before put into words.  Artandhealing.org




Veteran Documentary Corps: Michael Blackwell. While stationed with Fleet Combat Camera Group Pacific, Blackwell fought alongside United States Army 5th and 10th group Special Forces in Iraq. He explores the experience of looking through his lens and trying to make sense of what he saw and understand the purpose of his mission. Director/Producer: Daniel L. Bernardi






Birthday. When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that their life ahead is going to be an overwhelming, and yet amazing, journey: Director: Chris King




A Marine’s Guide to Fishing. A veteran returns to work at a New England dockyard on his first ‘Alive Day’—the anniversary of the day he came close to death overseas. Director: Nicholas Brennan.

Intersection. Made in the Bronx, New York by three veterans, the  film is based on an actual event, touching on the unseen tasks of veterans’ as they process a stressful everyday situation  Director: Julian Bermejo/I Was There Films   



The Fog of War. Veterans cope by writing poems and creating art using paper made from their old uniforms. Produced by Susan Wallner.

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