The First Annual

Theater 4:
Everyday Life

Watch what happens when out of the ordinary, meaningful connections are realized.

My Baby You’ll Be. This is “An Open Letter to Mom,” Alone and in shadows, the filmmaker shares the backlog of his unanswered voicemails from his mother and home movies depicting them in years of closeness.  Director: Charles Frank

Creatively Connected
Focus Award

Desperately Seeking Signal. A 911 call operator working on a lonely birthday connects with a caller. Directors/Producers: Tess Marie Garneau, Thom Smalley, and Jenna MacMillan

Tales of Mere Existence. Dumb Things I’ve Done When Depressed (3:20):The Like Button: (3:32)Everything is My Fault: (3:22)  Wry, and dryly insightful, these three episodes from an epic hand-animated series depict the everyday trials,  tribulations, and reflections of an often lonely,  disaffected and funny young man.  Director: Lev Yilmaz

Honorable Mention

Two Films About Loneliness. Two neighbors separated by a wall — a bachelor trying to register for online dating, and a huge German-speaking hamster, attempting to record a cooking video — find each other in this utterly original animation.  Directors: Will Bishop Stevens and Christopher EalesWrongboy

The Innovation of Loneliness. A vibrant, animated explication of Sherry Turkle’s essay on the evolution and impact of modern tech-related loneliness and isolation. Director: Shimi CohenBold Studio

Purpose. A dynamic, poetic monolog follows a young man walking through a vivid city,  questioning his aloneness and place in the world… until he picks up a camera.   Director: Victor Okoy

Honorable Mention

How To Be Alone. A lyrical, musical enactment of a poem by Tanya Davis meditating on aspects of solitude and creative potential. Spawned a bestselling book. Director: Andrea Dorfman

A Different Lens Award

Knit Me Some Happiness. Neighbors in a small English town come together to knit squares and connect them to fashion a massive quilt—perfect for a community picnic.  Director: Sofia Olins

Game Night.  A taxi driver gets out after his fare to watch his passengers’ football game and enters into a solitary revery of play. Director: Joel Fendelman

Honorable Mention

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