The First Annual

Theater 5:
Major Illness & Disabilities

Overcoming what seems to be the weight of the world.

Parkinson’s Dreams of Me. Unusual, “movement poem” performed by Rick Hermann, an untrained dancer with Parkinson’s who talks of the dream images he associates with his condition and his identification with a tortoise. Director: Pam Kuntz

From Leg Braces to Ballet. One mother spurs The New York City Ballet to offer a workshop for her daughter with cerebral palsy and others; an Upworthy Original. Director: Alex Dean

Two Suitcases. A film based on Ben Murnane’s memoir of growing up with Fanconi Anemia, created in collaboration with teenagers living with chronic illness. The film explores the vital role creativity played in helping Ben cope with his illness. Directors: Emma Eager & Ben Murnane

Can You Read My Lips? Inspired by the essay, Seeing At The Speed of Sound, and featuring its author, Rachel Kolb, deaf since birth, this film immerses us in the often overlooked challenges of lip reading and considers it in relation to the rich, expressive culture of signing. Director: David Terry Fine

Rush Delivery. Hospitalized children perform a musical, colorful caper in this collaboration between the British Columbia Children’s Hospital and film industry personnel. Director: Emma Higgins

Denali.  This story about the relationship between photographer Ben Moon and his beloved dog, Denali, illuminates the profound support man’s best friend can provide in sickness and in health.  Director: Ben Moon/FeltSoulMedia

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