Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film
from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

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Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


Thembi’s Diary, an animation of a 2006 audio documentary (NPR Radio Diaries) is the story of a remarkable 17-year-old South African girl with AIDS. Thembi talks to her virus every morning with a calm voice and describes her mission to live her life fully with love and by raising awareness of the often ostracizing, stigmatizing and isolating plight she and others with the disease can face. You can read more about her remarkable life here.

About the FIlmmaker

Jisoo Kim is an illustrator, animator and filmmaker, and a graduate of Cal Arts currently working at Frederator Studios in Burbank, California, a major animation production house. She is originally from Joen-Ju in South Korea and her passion for animation, beginning in high school, has brought her international awards and opportunities, including work at Disney and Dreamworks.



Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Questions

  • How would you describe Thembi’s outlook? What does she seem to worry about the most? Do you find yourself having to worry about caring for yourself while worrying about others’ health and welfare? What is the most challenging part of this for you?
  • Did Thembi’s audio diary change the way you think about the AIDS epidemic in Africa? How or why not?
  • Thembi seemed well educated about her condition and we saw her attending a doctor’s visit. What kind of self-care do you engage in? What prevents you from doing it more?


  • Give yourself 10 minutes to respond in writing to Thembi’s story. What moved you? What do you wish could have been different? Why did her story resonate with you?
  • Make your own stamp for creating a visual motif, such as the tidal wave seen in the film, that represents you or something important in your life. Use a pliable material for your stamp, such as a softwood or a flat rubber eraser or even easier, use a hard vegetable such as a potato or rutabaga. Draw or transfer the design or shape onto the stamp material and then carefully shave away the material around the design (so the stamp is protruding). It’s important to remember when making your stamp is that the image will be printed in reverse-so be careful when incorporating text. Then using paint, try adding your stamp to a notepad that you could use for personal notes, or on stationary that you have at home.
  • Consider whether you have a relative or friend with a chronic condition who might want to have their story recorded for their own use and to share with their families, friends and colleagues. Offer to come to their home and audio record it for them

PS: Looking for even more ways to "creatively connect?"  Follow this link for a few other ideas.

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.


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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

Because it really helps with awareness for The UnLonely Project 🙂



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