Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film
from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

Watch. Do. Share.

Get inspired and get involved with this film from our Second Annual UnLonely Interactive FilmFest.

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Follow the five steps below to get the most out of your UnLonely Film Festival experience!

Step 1: Watch the film.


Growing up in East Baltimore with a debilitating stutter, surrounded by poverty and violence, Colin was an outcast and a target for bullies. Then he discovered a subculture of “throwers” — yoyo artists and found a mission in helping other young people find creative and social outlets through this deceptively simple string toy.

About the FIlmmakers

Darren Durlach Is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker whose career has taken him from earthquake-ravaged Haiti to the Boston Marathon finish line with bombing survivors.  He was awarded the prestigious George Polk award with the famed Boston Globe Spotlight team for a documentary about drunk drivers and the courts.

David Larson’s award-winning photography and journalism have been recognized with many Emmys, Associated Press Awards, Edward R. Murrow awards, and NPPA Best of Photojournalism awards.  

Together they are Co-Founders of Early Light Media in Baltimore, Maryland, where they work to “put social responsibility first, using video as a medium to capture our interconnectivity as humans in a way that is both beautiful and relatable.



Step 2: Explore these things after watching the film.

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Reflective Questions

  • Coffin Nachtmahr uses his yo-yo as a tool of personal power, throwing it out of his hand, like a leap of faith.  He describes throwing as a dance between him, music and the toy. What action in your own life experience gives you that feeling of being in the zone/flow state?
  • What are some of the issues these young men featured in the film are dealing with in their daily lives?  How does their collective experience relate to current issues in America?
  • What does Coffin Nachtmahr’s example of success do for his fans? Have you ever been inspired by someone whom you didn’t initially expect to inspire you?


  • Find an object in your home, set it on your table, imagine it in motion.  How could you turn it into a toy to be used?
  • Take a walk and notice the environments you encounter every day.  Can you create a personal ritual to perform in concert with your surroundings?  It could be as simple as biting into an apple on a park bench, or rustling your hand through grass, as long as you are paying attention to all of your senses as you do it. How subtle or bold is your action? How have you altered the way you inhabit public space?
  • Coffin Nachtmahr has a unique sense of personal style that adds to his persona as a throwing champion.  Thinking of ways that you project your own unique style to emphasize what you are most passionate about, create a symbolic self-portrait.  Look at artworks by Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman and Kehinde Wiley for ideas.

PS: Looking for even more ways to "creatively connect?"  Follow this link for a few other ideas.

Step 3: Join in the conversation about the film.

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Step 4: Share this film with friends!

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