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Why a Film Festival and Why Now?

We’re witnessing one of today’s fastest growing public health concerns. According to a recent study, over one-third of American adults are lonely. Emerging research indicates that in addition to depression, substance abuse, and suicide, isolation and loneliness is associated with increased risk of early death from heart disease and cancer of 30%: a risk on par with smoking 18 cigarettes a day. The Film Festival is an online exploration of loneliness and isolation, drawing on the time-tested power of creative arts expression to powerfully share the stories that “connect us.”

Learn more about the issue and remedies through our UnLoneliness Project by clicking here.

Who was Invited to Participate?

Created to capture and reward the attention of professional and semi-professional filmmakers wanting to express their insights, feelings, and imagination, the Online Film Festival is a celebratory platform and venue for their work to be seen and appreciated.

Why Did the Filmmakers Participate?

Whether an established or newly-emerged videographer, the Festival provides a venue for their work to be seen by thousands within our engaged communities, including our recently launched Creatively Connected Community (visit us on Facebook). They welcomed the chance to benefit from the process of creative expression and collaborate with other filmmakers. Plus, they’re doing something fun and engaging that will make a difference in the lives of others.

The filmmakers are enabling us to experience the power of creative expression and form authentic connections as we explore this timely and provocative topic.

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