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Unpresidented is about a New Yorker’s attempt to justify his bet that Trump would win the election, and how this bet resulted in him losing friends. 

This is a timely film that speaks to the kind of polarization that occurred across the country after the 2016 election, and is still occurring today. People who find themselves on opposite sides of the political debate from family, friends or neighbors are feeling angry, isolated and alone. Unpresidented shows how all those anxieties disconnect us from one another.

Have you ever let a difference of opinions get the better of your relationships? Maybe it’s time you reconnected with somebody? Any thoughts on how you can do that, or maybe you HAVE been able to do that, and can share your experiences?

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To go even deeper, you can try the creative exercises we’ve developed for you.

About the Filmmaker

Jason Giampietro is a writer, director, actor, and musician whose short films have played The New York Film Festival, the Maryland Film Festival, BAMcinemaFest, Montclair Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival and Rotterdam Film Festival. His short films “Unpresidented” and “Quaterbacks” were both selected as Vimeo Staff Picks. His street photography capturing the eccentric denizens of New York City has been praised by The Village Voice, British GQ, and The Guardian and he was selected for the New York Film Festival’s 2016 Artist Academy.

Dive Even Deeper

Try the following to connect further with the film’s story…

Craft a considered and respectful response to someone from the other side of the political aisle or someone with whom you have a long-standing disagreement.

  • We’ve all experienced heightened emotions and quick tempers getting the best of us when confronted with strong opposing views, now is your chance to write down the coherent rebuttal or defense that you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Write it as a speech or as a dialogue, based on whichever makes you more comfortable. Include personal stories and details to explain your perspective.
  • After a revision or two, try it out on a friend or loved one and collect their feedback. Continue to practice and refine for the more familiar you are with the material the better prepared you’ll be when you need it the most.  

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  1. VLB

    Everybody has the right to their opinion. Politics is an awful subject to give your opinion on. Therefore, people should keep politics opinions to themselves.


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